Static Cling Signage!


If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you will know that we recently did work for the great Bruno 1 Beauty Center in New City, NY! They are currently seeking experienced professionals to join their team. To help make the public aware of this, they came to us about sign options.

The owners knew they wanted something on their building, so we went over to look at the options and discuss their needs. Since the windows of the building are tinted, we decided that the signs would have to be on the outside of the building. Next, we needed to know how long these signs would be up. Since it is not a permanent sign, it was decided that static cling was going to be our best option and could be reused if and when new employees were needed.

After a few layout designs, an option incorporating their well-known logo was decided on. On Monday, we were able to go and install them on the windows. You can see the finished product below:


Just finished an install for Bruno 1 in New City!

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