Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels are lightweight and versatile materials that can be custom-cut to your specific needs.
Because it is non-porous, rust-proof,  resistant to chemicals and scratches, it can be cleaned easily. It is ideal for use in various applications. This includes for use as fire-resistant walls and ceilings, in schools, healthcare facilities, food processing plants, restaurants, and offices. 
For a custom quote please contact us here. Please specify quantity, texture, color and size. 
We offer:
Class "A" LF&S Fire-Rated FRP Sheeting for Ceilings & Walls:
- USDA Accepted (USA and Canada)
- Meets Class 1 interior finish and smoke development code requirements (By passing tests for a flame spread rating of 20 and smoke generation of 100) of the three major model building codes
- Great for industrial, medical and institutional environments
Class "A" LF FRP Sheeting for Ceilings & Walls: 
- Low Flame, Class A LF (FS=25 and SD=450)
Class "C" General Purpose FRP Sheeting:
 General purpose (FS=120 SD=290) 
We have a broad range of sizes:
Standard Thickness: .045″, .060″, .090″, .120″
Custom Thicknesses: up to .170 (pebbled)
Widths: 60″, 48″ (standard)
Lengths: 8′, 9′, 10′ and 12′ standard (to 500′ available in rolls)
And we can always custom-cut them to your needs. 
We offer the following Finishes:
Pebbled , Smooth, Hexpin, Linen & Matte
And Opacity can be
Opaque or Translucent
For a custom quote please contact us here. Please specify quantity, texture, color and size.