Heavy duty sign stands that can be used to warn drivers of impending hazards and move them in the right direction. Choose from a variety of pre-made legend options or customize with your own artwork.


White Blank Narrowcade


 Orange Blank Narrowcade

Narrowcade with Custom Face

Overall size:

3″ L x 13″ W x 45” H
Print Area Size:
24” H x 12” W
11 pounds

Fill with dry sand. Each stand has 2 fill holes,1 on each side of the frame. 5 lbs. of sand per hole for a total of 10 lbs. per stand is recommended. Play sand is suggested for ease of filling.



Channelizing vertical panel with oversized handle.
  • Stackable
  • Comfort Grip
  • Recessed sign surface to reduce damage to signs
  • All-plastic; No rust, splinters, or discoloration
  • No Maintenance required
  • Made in the USA

White Narrowcade

White Verticade


Orange Verticade

Overall size:
14.75″ W x 44.5” H
Print Area Size:
36” H x 8” W
4 pounds
Base Weight:
20 pounds

verticade with striping

White Verticade Shown with 

Orange and White reflective Face

and optional LED Light


Impact Recovery System (IRS):
The impact Recovery System (IRS) provides enhanced conspicuity at un-signalized intersections in order to alert motorists to local laws concerning yielding to or stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks. The effectiveness of these pedestrian safety signs have been repeatedly supported by independent studies to demonstrate distinct changes in motorist behavior and accident incidence following installation.

Impact Recovery System | Highway Traffic Supply

Shown with NYS Law Face

and rubber base

The portable eliminates the need for multiple specialty bases with its ability to be utilized with your panel. The design and ergonomic carrying handle make it ideal for situations where rapid deployment of temporary signage is needed. It is easily transported and perfect for temporary applications.

 Overall panel size: 12” W x 47” H
Print size: 12” W x 36” H
Base size: 14” W x 34” L
Weight: 12 pounds without base

Shown with NJS Law Face

and no base



42” Tube with Rubber Base:
An easy to set up, large handled delineator. Use to provide protection and visibility for vehicles and pedestrians.

Overall size: 47” H
Height without handle: 42”

Base size: 15.5”x15.5
Center Hole: 4.5”
Weight: 12 pounds
  • Dome Cap for strength and durability
  • Large, strong, ergonomic handle
  • Recessed are to protect bands of sheeting
  • Bottom Flang grabs base
  • Easily use with Caution Tape by sliding through handle
  • Sold with our 12lb recycles rubber base
  • Base will not chip, crack or warp.